review- shoeburn and the ill fitting necklace

Recently a Author who also goes by the same name of our pivotal character reached out to me via instagram, and was super sweet enough to send me his book. I would’ve loved the physical copy but i was thankful nonetheless for the ebook! I was admittedly apprehensive about reading it because i haven’t been in the middle grade pool for sometime.

For the sake of this review i will add the GoodReads synopsis, cause i’m terrible about lmao.

Shoeburn Ruffet is forced into finding the whereabouts of a business magnate’s lost piece of jewellery. Regina Wendle, the most powerful woman in Welt Foot and the business magnate, will unleash bees, sink phoney submarines, and sabotage helicopter outings until her necklace is found.

Shoeburn will do slightly less exciting stuff to figure out what the necklace’s true purpose is.

The necklace has something to do with him. It has something to do with his father. It may even have something to do with his dead mother, who could or could not be Regina Wendle. Shoeburn does a few heroic things in this story amidst all his blundering, but he’s not really a hero. He just finds himself unable to say ‘no’ in a situation that isn’t about a missing necklace but is instead one in which a necklace goes missing.

He’d just rather not be there at all.

However i still gave the book 3 and i stick by this only because there were some parts where i was like, why do i know this person’s name before formally introduced? However i really did like this book and i cannot wait to read the second one (please let me know , if you’re reading this!!!! I would  LOVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!)

“My father was a patient father. He was so patient that when he once saw a sign that read ‘Patient Entrance’ at the Welt Foot Hospital, he drove his automobile incredibly slow.”

The entirety of this book was just a wild ride from start to finish. Shoeburn Ruffet and his father are the wettest blankets i have ever had the chance to meet!  Please don’t take my 3.5 star rating seriously because i’m so excited to read more! I really liked how you’re thrown into the city of Welt Foot, along with Shoeburn! His name had me both cringing and thinking about this story as it progressed and had me wanting to know more each time i was away from the book. When i thought i could predict something coming i was pleasantly surprised that it was some other thing that occurred and that right there folks honestly made me very happy!

And as i’ve had time to really think about about this book, and as i write this i’m gonna go ahead and give bump it up a half star because now that i’m thinking of the slow but interesting character development Shoeburn had throughout the story just made me so surprised more enthralled and i honestly i ended up smiling! Did I mention I’m excited for what happens in the next book??

“My attention was like cooking butter, not spreadable at the best of times. And when it was spreadable, it could destroy your toast by setting it ablaze. I was unpredictable, even to myself.”

Like is this line not enough to make you wanna be like, Shoeburn what are you gonna go and get into next? will you continue to be like that cooking butter? 

please read this book if you can, and also help support a canadian author! he was very kind and i’m so thankful to have had the chance to read this story and hopefully how it carries on!


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