Review – sincerely me

Sincerely me is a composition of Chelsea Girard’s struggle with anxiety and depression. The author was kind enough to send this to me to read, and review. However this will not as usual affect how i feel about said book.

Sincerely, Me is a collection of poetry that is derived from the mind of an anxiety filled young woman who wants nothing more than to express herself in a creative way. This book is a journey through the mind as you will encounter hardships, mistakes, love and broken hearts as you read through the pages of Sincerely, Me. This is the second book in a three part series of poetry and yet again, another story to be told. Though these pages, I hope you become empowered, loved and feel more than just a walking statue, just waiting to break free from your already crumbling structure. Build yourself up and never believe you’re anything less than the beautiful swan.

The dedication in this book. Okay whoa, thank you this gave me a hopeful smile that things would and will get better. I love reading those, and it’s like having someone looking right into you.

“Hello again, I thought you finally left me alone, but
I was mistaken.
No wonder why yesterday morning tormented me for
hours. I thought i woke up on the wrong side of the bed but you held my throat between your hands and begged
me to stay with you.”

I’m gonna be honest it took me a fair bit to get into the swing of really reading this but as the poems and lines progressed, i really liked the illustrations, though personally i found the drawings and some cases to not as…fleshed out ˆi guess, as i had hoped they would be, maybe like a slow progression of building improvement maybe? I guess to show growth. However these were still pretty endearing, haunting even But that’s just me being persnickety about the artwork, it’s obviously meant to add emphasis to the overall story happening on each page. Which it did and I’m very thankful for it.

‘My broken heart could fall to the ground

Stomped and trampled upon yet you’d still walk over me

A crack on the sidewalk.”

Each poem from then on once i started to really get into ended up having all my emotions come crashing down. I felt exsposed then hugged. Even as i rolled onto the ending of this book all i could think of was that i would very much like to own the physical copy, to tab and re-read whenever my emotions took over. I am so thankful to have gotten to read the authours thoughts and feelings alongside her struggle with anxiety and depression. It was so lovely to read about her journey and i hope if you can please check out more of her work!

As I am so excited to see and read more from this author.


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