25 bookish things about me

i honestly have no idea if I’ll even make it do 25 this but I’m sure as heck gonna try! I love seeing these tags and always love reading about peoples different habits and tastes. It always neat and really cute to read a little more about the person behind the blog!!

1. i sometimes buy books based on the covers…okay i really love covers and i sometimes just don’t read the back. lately i’ve been winging my book reads

2. i have a bad habit of buying an entire series before even reading it, though the future me will always be thankful for these rash decisions, especially when i really get into the story.

3. i like collecting books, usually by fave authors! my current obessions are ellen hopkins and christopher pike. i am slowly leaning towards sarah j maas but i haven’t read her throne of glass series, only the novella so far. I’d also like to try getting into a bunch more soon.

4. my most favourite book series are the Silverwing trilogy by Kenneth Oppel and Gaurdians of ga hoole by katheryn lasky…yes they are tied for number 1.

#2 would be the darren shan saga and finally harry potter i know

5. i thrift most of my books, but im still relatively picky

6. Alongside thrifting i adore book outlet, book trades, bargain stores and bookstore sales. I’m on a budget most times but i would still love to support authors!

7. hardcover books are my number one choice if I can get them, they make me calm but i do like a nice feeling paperback, and honestly they are starting to grow on me…all floppy like haha

8. i like tiny mangas. my smallest set is about 3 volumes

9. i like omnibus , i have the entire narnia set, thought they can be cumbersome and tedious to lug around

10. certain books im sure for most people, can and are incredibly important to me and in some cases have saved my life.

11. i only have finally upgraded to 3 bookshelves, though i had to recently give one to my clothing since I don’t have a dresser so the rest of my books currently sit on my desk

12. i try to read books before watching the movies, sometimes however i end up reading the book after finding out it was one. Which is ends up being a lot

12. i really enjoying reading things i never thought i would like but try anyway

13. it physically pains me when a book ends up unfinished/DNF’d, because it was so bad. I’ll try two more times then i’ll donate it

14. i didn’t really pay much attention to booktube/gram for a really long time–i blame my pickiness

15.  i don’t really have many bookish friends but usually when i do recommend something to friends  they generally enjoy the books

16. Alongside this incidentally i have reached peak hype train, but I’ve ended up riding the train to be honest, it good bu damn I’m obsessed sometimes haha and am a bad influence on my new book friends so they buy more book ehehe

17. i adore libraries, they make me incredibly calm and help me focus and get a lot done, they also saved my sanity when I didn’t have internet for 6 months when i was in middle school and didn’t;t kno what to do for that time

18. when im super stressed i touch my books, i like looking at my shelves from time to time because i worked really hard to get them all, and i adore a good chunk of my books. In some cases they have really neat stories of ow I’ve acquired them!

19. i prefer certain covers/editions more than others…i never paid much attention until i started cataloguing on goodreads 10/10 would reccommend

20. I actually have some amazing author friends however only my most long standing internet friends so far have published something! PLEASE support my dearest friend Bre via their blog (which is hilarious and so good!!! Please check out and support their BOOKS PLEASE such amazing writing!!

21. Ive always been asked if i want to be a writer, and honestly no. I do dabble with my characters and have thought of writing erotica because I LOVE trashy smutty books and will always relish them.

22. My blog is mostly about books but I’m mostly using it as tool to express myself, maybe improve my writing but, like lets be real i ramble, hoarde quotes and scream about books. Maybe when I’m back in school I’ll talk about the dental world and stationary haha

23. Wow i did not think i would make it this far but there you go, uhm I guess the finally thing is I’m loyal to kobo ereaders tbh I love the open format honestly!! defs recommend books to me and feel to do this also!!


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