August wrap up

holy shit this month flew by!! and i wasn’t even remotely prepared like i usually am about stagnating my posts. that because i thought i wouldn’t break my laptop so typing on my entries is hard af. but excuses aside, i was lucky enough to borrow a laptop for a bit in an attempt to catch up.

So i read 12 books,

that’s right! by some miracle i was able to get all these books read. of course reviews are gonna be slow so i’ll only have a few words about each books and will link to their review if i have one up yet.

  1. nick and norah’s infinite playlist;

i enjoyed this despite myself and only probably because of norah in the end. i fulfilled the middle schooler desire to finally read this.

2. demon in the wood (novella)

this is a novella by my current queen leigh and itsw a short little snippet into the darkling’s past. i loved it very much and as usual crave more from her. i’ll be working on a post at some point.

3. bathing the lion

oh man this book was a wild rollercoaster, i miss the journey and will think about it a lot im sure… maybe will i revisit it.

4. snotgirl vol. 1 (graphic novel)

i bought this solely for the artwork and that is stan for brian lee omalley’s work. i honestly didn’t really like the comic very much but i’ll try to continue because of the art!

5. it ends with us

i still have a lot of feelings about this book and still have to buy the physical copy!

6. shoeburn and the ill-fitting necklace

nothing else much to say about this, id like to see more from the author and hope it gets better!

7. city of fallen angels

uhm cassie clare is full of shit and yet here i am being garbage and trudging through the muck in hopes of it being truly worth it lmao, please dont @ me i’ve voiced my feelings about her work to my cousin and thats all that matters let me ride my shit train

8. the timekeeper

i read this as a light read for my daily commute and and honestly it wasn’t the best from mitch, and it took till nearly the last few pages before i shed a single womanly tear. also though, mitch albom is slowly becoming a fave and i haven’t even read his famous novel yet. do i own it ? yes i do.

9. sincerely, me

more poetry from a canadian author and it was so dang heart wrenching! i wish i could give more feelings because i really love her words, and i hope to follow this author on her journey.

10. kindred spirits (novella)

ive never read anything from rainbow, but i own a fair amount of her work. this was a very good introduction i think to her work, because i love novellas quite a bit to be real! so i finally cannot wait to elenor and park

11. shiver (re-read)

been wanting to revisit this series as it helped me get over my twilight hangover (which im also apt to reread tbh) i still really like it as much as the first time i did.

12. 99 days

this was super cheap on kobo books so i picked it up as a lot of people were talking about the authors newer works! in brief i HATED molly, and honestly everyone around her was WAAAAAAAY more exciting, i honestly hope Driftwood becomes and an actual novel because desperately wanna read it.

hope you met those reading goals my pals! and i’ll talk to you in the next one.


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