September TBR

I don’t want to be too ambitious bu I’m going to limit my as per usual moody ass self to stick with 6 because I’m genuine trash lmao

To all the boys i loved before

Because I’m trash and have watched this damn movie like 2 times since it came out and it gives me gooey feels which I’m 100% here for haha. and also the cause for some impulse buys!

Crazy Rich Asians

I probably haven’t sent the movie yet but my sister allowed/encouraged me to buy the book because i still haven’t stopped talking about it lmao. i do look forward to reading/seeing this book/movie!


To continue on my reread train, and reliving my werewolf feelings and my possible adoration for sam. but idk


i’ve heard a lot about this book, and it’s basically up there with children of blood and bone! so i hear anyway. i would like to finally get to this because i really want to see this world in action.

Eleanor and park

having read a novella from rainbow, i am very excited to finally get onto her other major works and really understand the hype that everyone else has about this book.

History is all you left me

adam silvera is creeping up there i think with leigh, i feel like im going to really love all of his works that he creates. im just really excited to start being up into his work.

what are you reading this month??


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