a smol reader

I’m Rhee, usually stylized as xoRE✨💚
I’m a tiny Canadian and can be seen lurking around various bookstores, thrift shops, and bubble tea haunts in Toronto, Ontario and just outside of it!
I’m pretty shy but I for some reason cannot get over my love of books so I needed  a place to talk about them, probably other life related things too we’ll see! Mostly rambling and probably crying over some wounded/broody/villian like character in said books, or angrily tossing said book across the room…no joke.

When I’m not crying or screaming over books I’m pretty passionate about a few other things;

  • dogs (specifically, Frenchies, english bulldogs and pinchers catch me sobbing on the ground near one of these beatiful creatures)
  • dentistry everything (maybe not so much endos or perio BYE lmao); but my current goal/dream is to be a Dental Hygienist so please talk to me about teeth and flossing!
  • food, I’m a sucker for sushi, pho, ramen, chocolates, and blue raspberry flavoured anything (when I get my teeth polished we have a prophy paste in blue raspberry flavour!)
  • video games,  I don’t play as much as I used to but when I’m not reading or thinking about dentistry I’m probably crying over a good game. I’m also pretty obsessed with this stupid game MASS EFFECT and my bird alien husband Garrus Vakarian so you’ll probably have to fight me for him.
  • tech, uhm if I could afford it I’d own A LOT of electronics, my obsession is especially fond of handhelds and phones.